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CRYSTAL CLEAR: Xistential Love’s Magic Gemstones

Rebekah Miller and Jason Hushin - owners and founders of Xistential Love - believe in the power of gemstones. Via their Utah-based business, they sell beautiful, handpicked crystals and gemstones.

“We offer variety and beauty, allowing the crystal to choose you,” says Miller. “We love to teach the magic of Crystals, because they are a reflection of all of us and our individual beauty.”

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Job Creation Drives a Passionate Grass Fed Beef Rancher

  “Agriculture has always been a passion for us,” says Stutman. “However, we wanted to be able to create a viable business that would, not only allow us to be profitable, but to also create year-round jobs in our small community. For many of the youth that grow up here are forced to leave home because of luck of the employment opportunities. We wanted to be a driving force in changing that.”

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Creating Karma

Instant Karma creates artisan-prepared Indian and Persian foods.

According to the owner Houman Gohary, “Our products are fresh, all-natural, health-conscious, vegan, and gluten-free. Quality ingredients, attention to recipes, care in services, and creating value for the customer are the foundation for Instant Karma. Promoting local and ‘Cooking with Passion and Integrity’ is our goal.”

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Glass Fusion: Dana Worley Artworks

Beauty and function. Those are two words I would use to describe Dana Worley’s fused glass artwork. Although she creates non-functional pieces as well, as a cook, I appreciate the functionality of Dana’s sushi plates, bowls and other vessels made for kitchen and dining use. As someone who appreciates beauty, I love that the art she makes is also drop-dead gorgeous. And, they are typically one-of-a-kind. Worley says she doesn’t do “production” work and doesn’t often duplicated pieces.

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Tonguespank Spice Company

James Lindsey has always been a cook who enjoys food with an extra kick.

While some cooks add wine or herbs for more flavor, more often than not today both chefs and consumers are gravitating to the increasing array of hot spices to achieve not only a “kick” but sometimes a kick in the ass, so hard you might find yourself laying on the ground chugging whole milk and eating saltines for relief. No, this is not the level of pain Mr. Lindsey is attempting to concoct, rather, he’s going for something with more nuance and subtlety.

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Sheldon and Vickie Chaplin make unique jewelry for technology-oriented people.

One night, as Sheldon was taking apart a computer for recycling, he realized that the precious metals and unique patterns on old microchips and circuit boards could live a new life as designer jewelry.

This upcycling gave them a new hobby to pass time in the evenings, and it turned out they weren’t the only ones who appreciated the beauty of microchips, because they found a market and turned their hobby into a business. Opalimage was born.

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Be Light Candle Co

Be Light Candle Co is a Salt Lake City company that makes candles out of 100% soy wax, essential oils, and recycled & repurposed cocktail glasses.

Taylor Lamb is passionate about her products, but there is more to this company than candles. Taylor and her husband Matt Lamb started their company to give back to people, not only by supporting families affected by suicide, but also by spreading a message of hope

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