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Sheldon and Vickie Chaplin make unique jewelry for technology-oriented people.

One night, as Sheldon was taking apart a computer for recycling, he realized that the precious metals and unique patterns on old microchips and circuit boards could live a new life as designer jewelry.

This upcycling gave them a new hobby to pass time in the evenings, and it turned out they weren’t the only ones who appreciated the beauty of microchips, because they found a market and turned their hobby into a business. Opalimage was born.

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Be Light Candle Co

Be Light Candle Co is a Salt Lake City company that makes candles out of 100% soy wax, essential oils, and recycled & repurposed cocktail glasses.

Taylor Lamb is passionate about her products, but there is more to this company than candles. Taylor and her husband Matt Lamb started their company to give back to people, not only by supporting families affected by suicide, but also by spreading a message of hope

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