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How to Escape Corporate World and Start a Highly Successful Wood Shop

“I always wanted a business where my dog was running around the shop and that was okay, and if we wanted to crack a beer at 4 o’clock we could do that, and it was okay. I started a business to do what I wanted to do without having to follow others directions. We don’t fit the typical mold. We aren’t super stuffy like every other woodworking shop in Utah. We’re just a little bit different and we’re proud of that.”

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Creating Karma

Instant Karma creates artisan-prepared Indian and Persian foods.

According to the owner Houman Gohary, “Our products are fresh, all-natural, health-conscious, vegan, and gluten-free. Quality ingredients, attention to recipes, care in services, and creating value for the customer are the foundation for Instant Karma. Promoting local and ‘Cooking with Passion and Integrity’ is our goal.”

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Tonguespank Spice Company

James Lindsey has always been a cook who enjoys food with an extra kick.

While some cooks add wine or herbs for more flavor, more often than not today both chefs and consumers are gravitating to the increasing array of hot spices to achieve not only a “kick” but sometimes a kick in the ass, so hard you might find yourself laying on the ground chugging whole milk and eating saltines for relief. No, this is not the level of pain Mr. Lindsey is attempting to concoct, rather, he’s going for something with more nuance and subtlety.

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Be Light Candle Co

Be Light Candle Co is a Salt Lake City company that makes candles out of 100% soy wax, essential oils, and recycled & repurposed cocktail glasses.

Taylor Lamb is passionate about her products, but there is more to this company than candles. Taylor and her husband Matt Lamb started their company to give back to people, not only by supporting families affected by suicide, but also by spreading a message of hope

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