CRYSTAL CLEAR: Xistential Love’s Magic Gemstones

By Ted Scheffler


Rebekah Miller and Jason Hushin - owners and founders of Xistential Love - believe in the power of gemstones. Via their Utah-based business, they sell beautiful, handpicked crystals and gemstones.

“We offer variety and beauty, allowing the crystal to choose you,” says Miller. “We love to teach the magic of Crystals, because they are a reflection of all of us and our individual beauty.”


Prior to launching Xistential Love, Hushin and Miller had been involved with crystals “on the side,” and they previously worked with a company that sells and makes crystal singing bowls here in Salt Lake City called Crystal Tones. Miller says they created Xistential Love “To spark that inner child and inner beauty in everybody that comes across us and our crystals.”

The creation of Xistential Love, according to Miller, “was sort of an evolution that progressed naturally by doing farmers markets, making connections with fellow rock lovers, and connecting with the earth. Our intuition just lead the way.”

To acquire their crystals, the couple works with local Utah rock lovers and hope that one day they’ll be “an international brand where everybody goes to get their crystals, rooted right here in Utah.”
Miller and Hushin credit each other for the support they gave one another in starting their business and advise others thinking about pursuing a similar path to “Believe in yourself and your mission, take it one step at a time, and always give 110%.”


Their products can been seen on Instagram at Xistential Love and on Facebook, where anyone interested can also see what upcoming shows and events they’ll be participating in.