Sweet like Sugar

By Utah Stories Team


Long lasting leather crafted with love, that sums up the Sugar Sweet Leather Company in Layton. 

 Proprietor Phillip Craig makes leather bags and accessories which he sells at public events and through social media. That is the leather part.  As for the love, Sugar was the name of his dog. He has her image with a foxy snout imprinted onto the company logo.


Phillip has been crafting leather for nearly three years. On his worktable is a scratch awl that was a gift from his wife. “It was one of my first tools,” he said. It was his wife’s handbag that also prompted his business. He had been teaching himself with YouTube videos and leather scraps when a faulty D-ring placement in her bag led to him realizing that he could indeed create beautiful quality products.

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Pulling out a black and blue tote from a pile of leather, Phillip spreads it across his worktable.  “I make everything. I do everything from the building of the bags to the display background.” For Phillip Craig, the bag stops here!


Examples of bags from Sugar Sweet Leather Company can be found on the company’s Facebook page.

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