Promoting Positive Energy at Daily Rise Coffee

by Ted Scheffler


Our dogs - Ricky and Beau - love trips to Daily Rise Coffee. Well, it’s not exactly the coffee at Daily Rise that our pups adore, but rather the free dog treats that the super-friendly, generous baristas pass to them through open car windows at the Daily Rise drive-thru. It’s a risky proposition for the baristas, since one of our mutts, Beau, is a “grabber.” “Watch your fingers!” we always advise. The Fellas always know when we’re approaching Daily Rise, as evidenced by their excitement and wagging tails.

The baristas at Daily Rise Coffee are reason enough to visit one of their four locations in Ogden and Layton. The talented baristas are too numerous to mention each by name - a total squad of over 20 of them, plus another seven or so roastery operators and a social media specialist, but you can see their smiling faces and learn their names at the Daily Rise website. They embody the company’s motto, which is “Promoting Positive Energy.”


Following a relocation to Utah for owners Jeff and Beth Furton’s love of the outdoors, in 2004 the first Daily Rise Coffee was opened in Ogden. In 2008, another drive-thru coffee stop opened in Layton and, more recently, the Furtons founded Daily Rise Roasting Company with the goal “to create a unique roasting location that could encompass the full coffee roasting and distributing process, along with a quaint, stylish coffee bar atmosphere that would be used for potential new wholesale accounts, and as an education setting for their employees and customers to experience fresh coffee at its most simple and elegant form.”


Layton’s Daily Rise Roasting Company is centered around a San Franciscan 25-pound batch roaster. According to the owners, “This machine is small enough to allow us to be a small coffee micro-roaster and hand pick out any defects post-roast, yet large enough to produce upwards of 500+ pounds of fresh coffee beans per day to keep up with demand. In addition to this machine, we found we needed a place to cup, taste and evaluate our coffee. This is the reason behind our custom designed cupping bar layout allowing us to invite the public to experience and enjoy the true, yet complex dynamics surrounding the coffee bean in its purest form.” For anyone interested in the cupping experience, you can email for more information.


Interestingly, Daily Rise makes as many non-espresso drinks as espresso drinks and say that “If you don’t see what you are looking for on our menu, just ask - we can make it!” Since nothing is pre-made and all drinks are made to order using only premium ingredients and 100% natural products whenever possible, the skilled Daily Rise baristas are experts at creating regular menu items as well as custom concoctions.

But chances are, what you want is already on the menu; it’s an extensive array of Coffees; “On Tap” brews and teas; Specialty Drinks such as White Mocha, Caramel Rise, Van Halen, and Undertow Shot; Chai drinks; Mountain Chillers; Zero Caffeine options like the White Chocolate Milkshake; Little Rockies (hot chocolate, steamers, shaved ice, etc.); and from-scratch Italian Sodas.


There is truly something for everybody at Daily Rise Coffee, including an abundance of gratis positive vibrations and, don’t forget - tasty dog treats