BROTHERLY LOVE : 3 Brothers Creating Terrific Tostadas

by Ted Scheffler


Sobe Eats Culinary Concepts is the brainchild of the company’s three owner brothers: Salvador Soberanis, Fernando Soberanis and Victor Soberanis. I recently chatted a bit with Salvador at the Made in Utah Brewers Fest, where he was creating visually stunning and lip-smacking delicious tostadas.


In speaking about Sobe Eats Culinary Concepts he says, “Our story is unique, Sobe Eats was founded by three brothers, all professional and accomplished chefs in our field. Food is a passion we equally share. Our first concept this summer, the tostada, was our way of introducing ourselves in a way that fully enveloped what we want to represent as a family owned company.  The original tostada was created to avoid wasting excess tortillas. That simple idea was our history and our future. We’re adamant in the use of eco-friendly products and the need to avoid being wasteful.” He’s referring to the terrific tostadas that Sobe Eats produced to feed hungry folks at the Made in Utah Brewers Fest, including veggie guacamole tostadas and boneless short rib tostadas.


The three Soberanis brothers are all professional chefs. Salvador Soberanis explains, “We began our culinary story right here in Salt Lake. We opened restaurants at The Grand America, the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, and the Margaritaville Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, to name a few. We also have worked locally at Snowbird, Little America, Peery Hotel, Marriott, and Hilton’s Doubletree. We are hungry to share slices of our culture as well as the knowledge gained through our experience in our 25+ year culinary journey. This city accepted us; it gave us a solid foundation and helped us grow.


And speaking of growing, Soberanis says that Sobe Eats will be at the major markets and festivals this summer and that “Our food truck is in the process of being built, and the final piece will be our brick and mortar - late this year and beginning of next year.”

Sobe Eats Culinary Concepts is a very “green” business. Says Salvador Soberanis, “We are a sustainable company and 95% of our products are sourced locally. We believe in supporting local farms and small businesses,” adding that the Soberanis brothers’ operation is “Innovative, environmentally responsible, healthy, unique and trendy.”


He credits family for providing the support necessary for the brothers to create Sobe Eats, thanking “Our wives and kids and significant others that have supported us through the journey and believe in our dream. Most of all our mom and sister who have always been there for us.”

When asked what kind of advice he’d give budding entrepreneurs embarking on a venture similar to Sobe Eats, Salvador says “Always look at the final goal and dream, no matter how difficult it gets at times, and be consistent in delivering excellent products and services.”

More about Sobe Eats Culinary Concepts excellent products and services can be found on their Facebook page.