CAPTURED BY CAMERA: William Huff’s Stunning Photos of People and Places

-by Ted Scheffler


William Huff is a gifted photographer who specializes in Utah landscape and fine art photography, but also shoots weddings and other special occasions in ways that are far from the same old, same old. His work as owner of William Huff Photography is nothing short of stunning, whether he’s photographing people or places.

Huff earned a college degree in graphic design “but soon found myself drawn to photography,” he says. “When I shot my first wedding I discovered how amazing it is to be able to capture the whole range of emotions and special moments that occur on a wedding day, and the joy of providing each couple with memories that will last a lifetime.” Shooting in an “unobtrusive documentary style” means that he only poses his subjects for portraits a few times on their special days, leaving “one less person vying for your attention.”


When he photographs beautiful Utah landscapes, Huff captures the scenery in glowing natural light. “I want to share the beauty of what I’ve seen with the world,” he says of his fine art photography.


“I moved to Utah because I was captivated by the amazing landscapes that are like nowhere else on earth and I wanted to capture these scenes with my camera,” says Huff. “The sandstone arches of southern Utah teach us that nothing in nature is permanent, so part of my work is to create a record of what was there at a moment in time. This is especially important now with environmental change, global warming, and our public lands are under attack. I hope that my work shows the value and beauty of the wilderness.”

With his wilderness, nature, and landscape photography Huff says he “creates images to bring the peace, solitude, and beauty of these remote locations home with me and to share with others who may not be able to make the journey to see them.” He says he “enjoys the discovery of new places or the challenge of finding just the right conditions to capture a great photograph.”


Huff is thankful to his wife, Rebekah, who “has encouraged me and supported me with so much of her time and energy and I could not have started without her help.” Currently, Huff’s photography can be found at the Downtown Farmers Market, Utah Arts Festival, Made in Utah Festival, and at Looking to the future when asked where he’d like to be in five years, he says “I'd like to open my own gallery someday, but wherever I am, I hope to have traveled and captured more amazing scenes in five years.”