A FRESH START IN UTAH : Catching up with artist Alex Gregory

by Ted Scheffler


Since moving from Minnesota to Utah in the spring of 2018, Alex Gregory has been busy as a studio artist, tattooer, and live painter. Having tattooed professionally full time for nine years, she says “Moving to Utah spring 2018 gave me an opportunity to start fresh, seriously focus on my painting, and build a brand. While I’m still tattooing part time, painting has always been my passion and feels like what I’m meant to be doing right now.”


The founder/owner of Alex Gregory Art, Gregory sells paintings, prints and performs “live art” at shows. Describing her work, she says “I think my art has a unique style- not quite realistic, but playful and symbolic. I paint a lot of animals and plant life and try to capture the essence/ spirit of the subject through precision geometry, symmetry, and storytelling. Lately I’ve been taking on pet portrait commissions which has gotten a really positive response and fits in with my style. I am branching into fabric and product design as well.”


When asked about how she got into producing art as a business enterprise, Alex says “Art is what I do, it’s kind of a 24/7 obsession. I love a challenge and also the organization that comes with being an independent contractor and working out of a studio. Making things is part of who I am - I’ve created so much art in my own time, I decided it was time to actively see where painting can take me.”


Utah’s environment has had a direct impact on Gregory’s art: “Since I moved to Utah from Minnesota, I’ve noticed a shift in my work - I’ve been inspired by backpacking and climbing trips this past summer; different plant and animal life, geographical features, etc. The new environment is something that’s been absorbed into my work for sure. One of the first pieces I painted after relocating was a bee with the Wasatch mountain range mirrored in the background, as a way to reflect on the move and settle into my new space.”

Perhaps behind every great artist is a great boyfriend. Says Gregory, “My boyfriend, Ryan, is super supportive - he listens to my ideas and ramblings and freak-outs, supported my big transition cross country, and helps out with all these things I’m too stubborn to ask for help with and makes sure to remind me to eat when I forget and to take care of myself when I’ve been painting all day.”

Looking ahead to future goals, Gregory says “I’m a huge fan of functional art and want to turn my art into something more than just prints. So far I’ve been making stickers and cloth patches from my paintings and am working on designing a line of wearable art (clothing, leggings, tops, etc). I would love to build up a larger inventory that I can sell online and at art fairs, and maybe, someday, run a small gallery and shop of artist designed merchandise.”

Alex’s art can be found online at AlexGregoryArt.com and she also has prints and art displayed at Urban Art Gallery. When asked what sort of advice she might have for a burgeoning artist, she says with enthusiasm “Just keep swimming! You’re gonna fail as much if not more than you succeed at first. There’s so much to learn as an artist that only comes from experience, getting your work out there, and finding your place in the arts community.”