Linc and Cole Redefines Kids Clothing

By Ted Scheffler


With her clothing company Linc and Cole, Porsha Cole creates clothing for children that’s meant to last and to actually be worn. That might sound routine, but it’s not. Being a mother herself, Cole says she “knows how frustrating it is to buy cute outfit after cute outfit only to see it tossed after a few months (or weeks) of wear!” So, “She needed to create clothing for moms and littles who didn’t want to sacrifice fashion for durability.” The result is practical, but charming, “grow with me clothing” that’s so popular among smart Utah parents.

“Our goal is to not only keep kids unique and stylish but help reduce clothing waste in your closet and the environment,” says Cole. Versatility and flexibility are key components of grow with me clothing for kids: “Our hoodies have super long cuffs that you roll and unroll as needed; pants are the same with long cuffs and a yoga waistband.”


One of her more popular products is the beyond-cute kids’ rompers. “We have two styles of rompers which are super fun. Not only do they have the cuffs, but they have hidden drawstrings on the inside sides, that you can cinch as needed for your little one. One romper is just a pull on, making it super fun but comfy. The other has two adjustable straps, perfect for little babes,” says Cole.

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Prior to starting Linc and Cole, Porsha Cole says she had been a “stay-at-home mom for three years who tried many things to keep myself sane: MLMs, crafts … I even had a vinyl business a few years back. But nothing really called to my heart.” Born and raised in Utah, she also worked at a print shop, at a call center, and was a cosmetologist.

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But then kids’ clothing beckoned. Regarding her foray into children’s fashion and, ultimately, Linc and Cole, she says “I am an entrepreneur at heart, and had finally found something I could stand behind and loved. These clothes were something more mamas needed to know about and I was ready to show them!” Specifically, she wanted to create a brand where moms matter and their needs are seen and heard. And she “needed to create clothing for moms and littles who didn’t want to sacrifice fashion for durability.”


Speaking philosophically, she talked about her relationship with her customers like this: “It’s about you and your family because we are all connected by the same values of love, craftsmanship, and community.”

Porsha Cole’s kids’ clothing can be found online at

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