She Talks to the Animals

A visit with Patty Pet Psychic

By Ted Scheffler

Have you ever wanted to be better understood by your pet, or for your pet to better understand you? Patty Rayman is here to help. As founder/owner of Patty Pet Psychic, Rayman helps people to have conversations with their animals.

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She says, “People always want to know if their animals are happy and healthy, whether they are in pain, what their relationships are like with other people and animals. Animals think in pictures and emotions and I am able to translate those into words for their people.”

A Special Gift

According to Patty, “I was born with the ability to communicate with animals. I started out doing readings for friends at parties. I got a lot of good feedback about how it really helped the animals and people develop better partnerships. That’s when I started doing it as a business,” adding “I feel that I have a responsibility to share my gift with people and animals. Animals give us a much love and companionship. We owe it to them to be the best caretakers possible.”

“I help people solve problems,” says Rayman. “Nobody calls me when their animal is a happy and healthy family member. I help people understand their animal’s health issues and work through behavior problems. I help them develop solutions where everyone can get their needs met. Animals have a lot to say, if you know how to listen.”

From Botany to Books

Trained originally in botany and saying she “likes to do science-y things,” Rayman recently wrote and self-published a book that teaches people how to use animal communication skills to create better partnerships with their pets. The book, Humans Think. Animals Feel. Finding Common Ground Between You And Your Animal Companions was self-funded and is available via her website and through local, independent bookstores. Golden Braid, Sam Weller Book Works, Marissa’s Books and Gifts and Dolly’s Bookstore in Park City all carry it. It is also available on Amazon.

When asked how to find out more about Patty’s products and services, she says “The Internet. If people have questions about their animals, the easiest way to contact me is through my website. I will be doing readings at several animal events this summer and will be at the Made in Utah Festival. I also do fundraisers for animal rescue organizations.

Staying Busy

Where would she like to be in five years? “I want to be busy!” says Rayman. “I love what I do and look forward to doing it for many years. Writing a book is a long and challenging process, but as soon as I finished I decided to write two more. I would like to be doing more public speaking and develop a series of online classes to teach people how to do what I do. I believe that if you love animals you can learn to effectively communicate with them.”

Originally a Colorado native, Patty has adopted Utah as her home and says “There is no place I would rather live. The Salt Lake area is very animal oriented and there are great recreational opportunities for people with dogs.”

A Feline Helping Hand

The most supportive individual in helping Patty to start her Pet Psychic business wasn’t a human one. “It wasn’t really a person, but a cat. My old cat was my mentor and best teacher. He help me learn how to ask animals questions and understand their responses. He was a truly amazing being,” she says. Does kitty get a cut of the book royalties, we wonder?

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Secret Superpowers

When asked what advice she might have for someone considering starting a venture similar to hers, Rayman says “I think everyone has their own secret superpower. Play to your strengths. The things that make you unique are valuable, so don’t let anybody tell you that you are weird or a freak. Counter skepticism with humor and only listen to the critics whose opinion matters to you. In my case, when I see the fear and anxiety leave an animal’s face after a reading, I know I have succeeded.”

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