Care, intention, and Intuition

Caroline’s Naturals

-by Alyssa Bray

Caroline Patterson became interested in natural living and herbal medicine many years ago. In her formidable years, she was living in a community that was very focused on self sustainability, natural self healing, and the use of products containing what the earth provides. As a result, she started making her own products for both, household cleaning, and beauty care.

  “I make homemade body products, salves, ointments, and herbal tea blends,” says Caroline. “Most of my products can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, but I tend to make things with women's health in mind, especially for use during pregnancy and postpartum.”

  From  an early age Caroline was keenly interested in women’s health, especially midwifery.

  “I don't really know why, but I have always been passionate about the empowerment of women, especially as it relates to pregnancy and childbirth.”

  Pregnancy is a critical time for both mother and child. Because of the gestational development of the unborn baby, and the rapid changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy, a woman’s childbearing years is a time during which women should be especially aware of potentially harmful factors within her environment.

  Caroline is working toward a future profession in midwifery, but that is several years down the road. Until then, she is using her talents in producing natural body products to keep her close and connected to the birthing community.

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When asked what makes her products unique, she replies, “I use care, intention, and intuition while making my products. I also try my best to make herbal oils for salves in accordance with the lunar cycles.”

  As evidenced by the tidal patterns of the oceans, the moon holds influence over life on earth. Caroline takes advantage of that influence with the production of her products. She tends to prepare the ingredients for her products during the new moon and then saves her making time for the full moon. “Doing this helps with the medicinal value of the finished product,” she explains.  

    Like many small start-up ventures, Caroline has come up against some challenges while trying to grow her business.  “Making personal products come easily to me,” she explains. “But running the business side of things has been a challenge.”

 Her  biggest challenge has been marketing. She spends a fair amount of time on social media trying to spread the word, but she relies mainly on word-of-mouth and making personal connections. “I started carrying products with me,” she explains, “because I often find myself in a conversation with someone about an issue they may be having and I then I can pull out my products for them to sample.”

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Currently, Caroline is doing all of the making, packaging, and distribution on her own.  So she hopes, that in five years this solo effort will expend into a team work. “I would like to have help,” she admits.

    Caroline’s Naturals products can be found at Seven Serenity Day Spay and at Utah Birth Suites, both located in Orem, as well as, on Etsy. Caroline would soon like to see her products on a wider market, on the shelves of local stores and shops and she is confident that this can happen.

  “I love having the opportunity to spread eco-friendly, all natural body products, and go ‘back to the basics’. I trust that others will receive joy from them as much as I do.”


Caroline’s Favorite Caroline’s Naturals Products:

 Silky Smooth Body Oil

Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, grapeseed oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, this oil smells like chocolate. “ After I use this, my skin feels amazing,” says Caroline. “A little goes a long way!”

 Sweet Dreams, Sweet Relief Salve

This organic slave can be used to promote dreaming, encourage deep relaxation, and can provide relief from menstrual cramps. Ingredients include lavender, which is well know for its relaxing qualities, and mugwort, which has been referred to as a woman’s herb. Mugwort is closely connected to the power of the moon and can be very useful in supporting, and regulating, women’s cycles. It is an antispasmodic and helps to ease cramping.

Caroline’s Naturals products can be purchased at

Caroline can be reached directly at for any orders, refills, or questions.

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