Gluten-Free Goodness: Utah's Own Gem City Fine Foods

by Ted Scheffler

Rick Kent, owner/founder of Gem City Fine Foods based in West Valley City, is a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” having invested in several different businesses. His foray into gluten-free food products was “an organic process: entrepreneur sees a business that could grow with investment.” Before you know it, Kent had purchased Gem City outright, seeing an opportunity to provide for a growing gluten-free market. 

Gem City Fine Foods sells certified gluten-free specialty frozen desserts that are made in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery, using clean ingredients. The company strives to serve the Celiac and gluten sensitive and food allergic consumer who enjoys a sweet treat---something that can be difficult to find otherwise. Gem City’s products include an award-winning Flourless Chocolate Torte, several varieties of cheesecake, and cakes & cupcakes, including Carrot & Vegan Chocolate.

The business began as a small, traditional bakery. Rick saw a growing demand for gluten-free foods and purchased the business, then moved it to a dedicated, larger commercial facility to meet the growing demand. Regarding his unique niche within Utah’s food marketplace he says, “We are truly delicious gluten-free, convenient ready-to-serve, clean, and go the extra mile to work from a dedicated space, which helps eliminate room for human error in serving those with food allergies - a one of a kind in Utah.”

For anyone tempted by the success of a business like Gem City Fine Foods and is thinking of starting their own, Rick Kent councils “patience,” saying “Everything takes time. Be prepared to dig in and wait. Move like an iceberg: slowly carve your niche, and make sure that path is seen for a long time to come.”


Gem City Fine Foods products can be found at Whole Foods, The Good Earth, Natural Grocers, online through their website store ( or on Amazon.

Richard Markosian