Luminous Point: A Sister Collective

by Ted Scheffler


Mira Loyborg and Lyra Zoë Smith are sisters who give props to their mom for the impetus to create their art-based business called Luminous Point: A Sister Collective. “Our mother has not only raised us from a very young age to be engaged in art (on a daily basis) but she also comes to all of our events and brings us snacks!” Where would any of us be without our moms? 

As one half of the Sister Collective, Mira makes functional and decorative ceramics, while the other half, Zoë, is a painter who specializes in watercolor, but also makes jewelry and other wearable art. The sisters have always been artists, but last year they decided to join together to create Luminous Point. 


Says Mira, “We have grown up each doing our own styles of art in different mediums and supporting each other. We thought it would be fun to try something together, and found that our art complements each other’s nicely.”

In describing their unique niche in the Utah marketplace, the sisters say, “We think our customers are looking for something a little different. Mira makes ceramics that can be used every day but are bold in color and design. Lyra’s jewelry is versatile but playful, and her prints make lovely personal gifts because of the range of the subjects she paints. We both grew up in Utah and the natural environment inspires both of us. Bees, the Wasatch Mountains and local plants and animals can be found in our work.”

Where is their work found? Mira’s ceramics can be found at the Utah Museum of Fine Art Store or at Thyme and Place on 362 East 900 South. She is also on Etsy at and @firedancepottery studio on Instagram. Lyra’s prints, jewelry and other works can be found on Etsy at and @lyra_zoe on Instagram. Their artwork can also be seen, of course, at the Made in Utah Festival.

Mira says that eventually “We would like to own a gallery together that features our art, but also other local artists. This would be a place where we can also offer classes and workshops to the community.” 

Richard Markosian