MIND-BLOWING! The Story Behind Veth’s Cambodian-style Beef Jerky

by Ted Scheffler


I guess I always assumed that beef jerky originated in North America. But maybe not. After being introduced to Veth’s Mind Blowing Beef Jerky, I discovered that jerky is popular all around the world - from Australia to Germany and from South Africa to China. Veth’s Mind Blowing Beef Jerky is infused with Cambodian flavors. 

In 1990, the Veth family immigrated to the United States as refugees from Cambodia. Says owner Voeun Veth, “Once in America, we wanted more than anything to assimilate into the vast culture. The best way we knew how to do that was to bring our tastes and flavors into the melting pot that makes up America. We believe that Cambodia has a wonderful culture that should be shared with everyone, and that is why we strive to serve the best authentic Cambodian beef jerky.”


He continues, “I have always loved my mom’s beef jerky and couldn’t live without it. My wife learned how to make it from my mom, and I’ve fine-tuned the recipe and built it out into the seven uniquely Cambodian flavors that we have today.” Also called “chips,” Veth’s beef chip flavors include mild, medium, hot, roasted garlic, honey-glazed sriracha, lemongrass, and black pepper.


Regarding his family’s artisan jerky, Veth says, “We commit ourselves to the highest standard in quality and taste. Our jerky is handcrafted and each slice of meat is handled with care. Using traditional Cambodian marinades we have created our paper-thin, melt in your mouth beef jerky. Our jerky has always been a highly coveted treat in our household growing up, and we are happy to share with you.” Having successfully assimilated here, Veth is now proud of his family’s adopted Beehive State saying, “We are Utahans to the core and our love for this state is what drives us to be committed to creating a company which will give jobs and perform charitable acts for this community.”


Divine inspiration helped Voeun and his wife Kristen start the business. “Certainly this adventure could not have begun without God giving my mom such an incredible flavor palette. She is the reason that I love great-tasting food and can’t get enough of her food in particular. She has supported our business in many ways and we couldn’t do it without her.”


Asked about what the future might hold for Veth’s Beef Jerky, Voeun says, “We have high expectations of ourselves and our products. Likewise, we commit to serve our community in Utah as well. We have dreams to provide careers for hard-working people here and see a legacy of serving the community through volunteer and outreach.

With such high standards and important goals, we are driven to succeed in the very best way. We are looking for ways to save toward a space of our own that is USDA-Certified and capable of sustaining our growth as we expand to handle distribution to all 50 states in every major market. Confident in our beef jerky chips and eyes set on the horizon, we continue to blaze a new trail for beef jerky in an ever-changing market.”


For anyone considering embarking on a business venture such as Veth’s Mind Blowing Beef Jerky, he advises, “If you have a passion for something like I do, set goals and remind yourself of them daily. Draw inspiration from those who have gone before you and don’t settle for the advice of others who have never done what you plan to do. Listen to wisdom, but take risks where you need to and above all, stay true to yourself and your vision.”

You can purchase Veth’s Mind Blowing Beef Jerky online at www.vethsbeefjerky.com, and also out in the community at the Daybreak Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and at the Gardner Village Farmer’s Market every Saturday through the end of October.  

Veth’s Beef Jerky is also available for purchase from Soda Flow in Woods Cross, Snowbird’s three convenience stores (General Gritts, Cliff Lodge, Center Sundries), Utah Sports Collective, West Valley Family Fitness Center, Stan’s Market and Charlie’s Market.

Richard Markosian