My Essential Collection

Love What You Sell

by Ted Scheffler


You might not think that analytics and information technology go hand-in-hand with a business startup specialising in essential oils, but think again. Those are the underpinnings of Andrea and Tom Wolfe’s business, My Essential Collection.

You see, Tom works in the information technology field while Andrea is part of a hospital analytical team. In fact, it was spreadsheets that led her to launch My Essential Collection. She says, “I enjoy working spreadsheets and started compiling all the information I was learning about essential oils.” What began as a hobby has turned into a family business, one that Andrea hopes to eventually be a full-time affair. “One day this will be our full-time job!” she proclaims, hopefully.

With My Essential Collection, Andrea and Tom Wolfe offer pure and undiluted organic essential oils, carrier oils and various other high-quality products and raw materials. My Essential Collection product are sold via their website, According to the owners, “We are not a multi-level company, we do not hire outside  salespersons or reps.” The Wolfe’s handle the production and distribution of their natural products themselves.

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At My Essential Collection, the Wolfe’s produce essential oils in variants such as cinnamon leaf, cassia, cedarwood, vetiver, bergamot, frankincense, hyssop, lavender, lemongrass, and many more. In addition, they make and sell roll-ons, carrier oils, goats milk lotion soap, bath bombs, bath fizz, RAD cream (pain cream) Sleepy Cream, custom blends and more.

When asked how My Essential Collection was born, Andrea Wolfe says, “We’ve been using essential oils for many years for our own holistic needs. I would create products and blends for our family and friends and would get such great reviews and loved the feeling of seeing how happy this made them and myself. I actually had a friend tell me I had to share this talent with everyone and that it wasn’t fair to keep it to myself. So we did it and it’s been amazing!”

Describing their particular niche in the holistic products marketplace, Andrea says “We offer high quality at a low price. We have a purpose behind our products. For example, our bath bombs are for pain relief, relaxation, skin conditions, etc. We also customize orders – our blends, for example – we will make them for whatever the client needs.”

Funding My Essential Collection via her and Tom’s full-time jobs, Andrea says that “I was doing this by myself and then my husband jumped in to help me. We have a lot of fun working and growing this business together.

Richard Markosian